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Business Development Officer (BDO)

Calgary, Alberta

This is a success fee based sales position.  The successful candidate will recruit top industry leaders from multiple industries to invest in a business opportunity for the marketing rights for a specific industry category (vertical).

Position Responsibilities:

The primary responsibility of each Business Development Officer (BDO) is to recruit Managing Directors for the WhoZaGood integrity business.  The goal is to recruit at least six per year, preferably more, which match the target profile. 

The Business Development Officer may also assume a role on the Advisory Boards of the Managing Directors recruited by the BDO.  In this role, the BDO will represent WhoZaGood and will be responsible for working with the Advisory Board from the industry to help the Managing Director & Advisory Board accomplish their responsibilities, activities and milestones as outlined in the business plan for each specific vertical. 

The BDO shall monitor their recruited & assigned Managing Directors and their respective Advisory Boards to insure that the Managing Directors provide WZG with written quarterly progress reports, providing proof of substantially developing their vertical market, quarter over quarter, with the Advisory Board’s assistance & guidance. A schedule to be approved by WZG will be developed by each Managing Director with a copy to the BDO outlining milestones that need to be met to keep the Managing Directors agreement in force.

The BDO shall provide a weekly status report to WZG detailing recruiting progress as well as Vertical and Board of Advisor status.

Key Deliverables / Milestones:

  • Build funnel of top industry leaders
  • Present the WhoZaGood story, business model, and investment opportunity to qualified industry leaders
  • Address concerns, overcome obstacles
  • Obtain signed agreement.

Business Development Officer Profile

The target/ideal BDO will:

  • have extensive contacts with industry experts who meet the target profile,
  • be capable of introducing the potential Managing Directors to the WZG business opportunity and generating interest in our ethical commerce movement,
  • be passionate about the importance of industry integrity and customer satisfaction,
  • have time, energy & resources to invest in attracting & recruiting potential WhoZaGood Managing Directors. 
  • have time, energy, expertise & resources to manage the progress of the recruited Managing Directors by serving on the Advisory Board for each vertical.
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