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Managing Director - Business Owner

Calgary, Alberta

This is a business opportunity, requiring an investment.  The successful candidate will become the Managing Director for a specific industry / business category (vertical), and share in the revenues generated from that industry.

Position Responsibility:

The primary responsibility of each Managing Director (Aka National Transparency Director) is to develop and execute a plan to penetrate the target industry / business category (vertical) with the WhoZaGood integrity message.  The goal is to secure businesses to register as WhoZaGood providers, and have these businesses obtain customer rankings of their integrity and performance as an ethical business.  Viral as well as traditional methods will be used in attracting the target businesses.

The Managing Director is also responsible for establishing & working with an Advisory Board from the industry, as well as any established standards organizations or associations, to develop the businesses in the vertical.

 Managing  Director Recruit Profile

The ideal target Director will:

  • Be an entrepreneur, ideally with marketing skills, who is well known for his/her success, team building and industry leadership.
  • have  either experience and knowledge in a specific industry or business acumen with the ability to recruit & engage leaders from the industry
  • be capable of assembling a team of  “Champions of Integrity” from the industry, who will make up the Managing Director’s Advisory Board. The Champions are best practice leaders who have extensive experience and knowledge in a specific industry (e.g. WhoZaGood® Doctor).
  • be passionate about enhancing the importance of integrity and customer satisfaction in all businesses,
  • have time, money, education, energy & resources to invest in securing registered WhoZaGood businesses and fulfilling the position responsibilities listed above (initially done on a part-time basis).

$102,500 to $310,500 USD of capital required.

This franchise is not currently being offered or directed to (and a franchise will not be sold to) residents of California, Hawaii, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin. Although the offer is not being directed into California, Indiana, Rhode Island or Washington, we may offer and sell the franchise in these states in limited situations where an exemption from registration applies. 



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