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Advisory Board Member

Calgary, Alberta

This is an Advisory Board position, supporting the Business Owner / National Transparency Director for a specific industry / business category (vertical).  Compensation will be a percentage of the revenues generated from that industry.

Position Responsibility:

The primary responsibility of each Advisory Board Member is to support the Managing Director / Business Owner in the development and execution of a plan to penetrate the target industry / business category (vertical) with the WhoZaGood integrity message.  The goal is to secure businesses to register as WhoZaGood providers, and have these businesses obtain customer rankings of their integrity and performance as an ethical business.  Viral as well as traditional methods will be used in attracting the target businesses.

Typically there will be four to six Advisory Board Members from the industry.  Ideally, they will work with any established standards organizations or associations, to develop the businesses in the vertical.

Key Deliverables / Milestones:

  • Assist Managing Director & the the Advisory Board with the development of a marketing action plan to penetrate target business category using speaking opportunities, viral marketing, trade shows, conferences, association meetings, etc.
  • Assist Managing Director & the Advisory Board with the implementation of the marketing action plan.

Advisory Board Recruit Profile

The ideal target Director will:

  • have extensive experience in a specific industry,
  • be knowledgeable about any organizations and associations concerned with standards of integrity in that industry,
  • be passionate about enhancing the importance of integrity and customer satisfaction in all businesses,
  • have time, education, & energy to invest in securing registered WhoZaGood businesses and fulfilling the position responsibilities listed above (done on a part-time basis).

No capital required.  Compensation will be a percentage of the revenues generated from that industry.

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